Monday, August 30, 2010

Being behind, birthdays, and yummy food!

I hate feeling like I am behind.  With the Peach Festival coming up this weekend, I feel like I will not have enough items at the store.  Then part of me fears I will make too much and it will never sell.  I just keep plugging away and I made a half dozen to a dozen more items tonight.  It seems the more I wonder about how much to make, the more I look at my supplies and think I want a better selection.  I am getting tired of looking at the same unused resins and the same colors of ribbon.  Thankfully. there are only a few days left until the festivities begin on Thursday night.    I did make a really cute Haloween Korker bow this evening.  I will have to post it on here tomorrow since I don't have the pictures yet.

On a plus side, my mother in law took the kids for the night so I could have some peace and quiet while I worked.  Hubby went birthday shopping for "A" and that was a huge relief for me.  He even picked out things that were on the list.   A huge bonus.

Since I was going solo tonight, I decided to get take out.  I had a craving for Asian food.  I don't get it often because I am the only one in the house that really likes it.  I decided to try Pei Wei for the first time and it was WONDERFUL.  The sesame chicken had just enough kick to it.  So yummy and I have leftovers for lunch tomorrow :)

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